Wireless VoIP Phone

So yes, VoIP phones can be used in the same applications as your normal land-line house phone. But what makes Voice over IP technology truly incredible is that you can use your VoIP anywhere in the world. How is that possible, you ask?

Since VoIP is a means of transmitting information over the internet, there is no reason you can't use your voice over IP technology wherever there is wireless internet access! With a minimum amount of equipment to keep in tow, you can use your wireless VoIP phone to place and receive calls from your local number, no matter where you are.

An example:

Let's say you're a VCR repair tech from Medford, OR. You are traveling in Paris, France. Meanwhile, your good friend Chow Francesco Reynaldo is having a meltdown back in Medford because he can't get fix his VCR. "It won't stop blinking," he cries aloud to no one. When your stubborn friend finally calls you for help, there is no long distance charge on the call because the local call is routed to your wireless VoIP phone in Paris.

This is just one example of all the advantages of wireless voice over IP!

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