Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is voice over IP, exactly?

A: Voice over IP is an ambitious new use of technology! It is the meeting point for internet and phone technologies. Voice over IP allows you to talk on the phone over your internet connection, while retaining a local number.

Q: How is the voice quality?

A: All in all, the voice quality on VoIP phones is excellent! Because VoIP audio is composed of digital information rather than analog, it does not depreciate over long distances. This, among other things, makes VoIP a rather attractive choice for long distance callers.

Q: Where can I use a wireless VoIP phone?

A: You can use your wireless VoIP phone anywhere there is wireless internet access! Mind you, you'll need to have your laptop present as well to receive the WiFi signal. But once you do, you can make calls back to your local area without any additional charges!

Q: What are VoIP rates like?

A: VoIP rates are very low. This is why voice over IP telephony is poised to replace traditional phone use forever.

Q: Where can I procure voice over IP services?

A: You can get hooked up from a number of sources. It is very easy to find VoIP service providers in large chain electronics stores all across the globe! Good luck and enjoy the freedom of voice over IP telephony!

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