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What is it?

2006-04-21 12:43:26

What is voice over IP? Voice over IP is a veritable revolution in the field of telecommunications. With voice over IP (VoIP), people can transfer voice...

Voice over IP Technology

2006-04-24 10:39:23

Voice over IP technology is cause for celebration! With the advent of easy-to-use VoIP technology, consumers are treated to great savings as well as simplicity...

VoIP Service

2006-04-24 10:40:15

Many brand new and ambitious companies offer fantastic VoIP service. Good VoIP service depends on many factors. The most significant factor, however,...

Voice over IP Plan

2006-04-24 10:39:59

You will be amazed at the extremely low rates you can get with a voice over IP plan. VoIP plans offer very low long distance and local calling rates,...